Life After Phantom

Opera Erotica

Here are 'Reviews & Feedback' for Life After Phantom. The first 42 Reviews are for the 1st Edition published in 2008. Reviews 43+ are for the new Revised Edition published in April 2017.

These have been gathered from around the Internet at Facebook,,,,, and other places. I've posted some entries without names for privacy if they were sent to me in emails. Many are posted publicly for you to see. I will add more as I find them. I have inserted "[surprise, omitted]" to most spoilers. References to my Guest Book were from comments posted on my old Website.

Many thanks to my readers. I love hearing from you!

Reviews & Feedback



3) ON MYSPACE: February 2009: Your book has me spellbound. lol ;D I finished your book last night. It is wonderful. I especially love Eric's love sonets. I like the way you brought everything full circle as well. A great message on forgiveness. Terrific! Bravo!

This is a wonderful book. I love the Erik's love sonets. So beautiful. I also enjoyed how Sam worked in the message about forgiveness and how everything happens for a reason. It makes you see how God is in control, even when it seems like everything has gone wrong. Beautiful! Just beautiful.

4) ON MYSPACE: Hi Sam, I'm almost through the book and I'm SOOOOOOOO sad! I have been savouring it all week... Good that I have been reading it slower than usual to bide my time and also to enjoy the book longer... But, now... I'm at the part when [surprise, omitted]... That whole scene [surprise omitted] was suspenseful and had me on the edge of my seat... I think I even spoke out loud when [surprise, omitted].... Then I was crying tears when [surprise, omitted]... and from there on, I have been tear-eyed!! I was actually teary-eyed through out the book, come to mention it... It was very moving... And I LOVE the relationship that Erik and Catherine share.... The lovemaking scenes are luscious!!! MERCI!! *wink *wink!!!! I LOVE the story and the fact that Erik's character evolves into what it does... [surprise, omitted].... I feel a close bond with Erik.. Plus, he's GORGEOUS!!!! And, I love the way Catherine is so smart and wise... [surprise, omitted] At any rate... BRAVA to you.... I think you did a FANTASTIQUE job... I think people will LOVE your story...I will definitely recommend it to others...

[More] Hi Sam. I just finished the book tonight!! OHHHHH!!! I'm bummed... Why?! Because I enjoyed reading it sooooo much that I wanted it to keep going... What I really LOVED about the book was [surprise, omitted]...I cried a lot in this book!!! I am glad you wrote it in your style.. You did an EXCELLENT job, mademoiselle! ...But, can you please hurry and get the next book out, please... I'm dying to read it! ; ) I will miss the characters of the story until I read about them again in the next book...Much success to you...I hope your book is a hit. It gives us hope in times of despair.

5) ON MYSPACE: December 27, 2008: I did it I finished it! All I can say is "WOW!" LOVE IT! I am so excited, now I am looking forward to more...I loved every moment. You can fall in love with the characters so fast, you feel the pain and love and "pleasure" too. It was awesome! So thank you. If no one has said it I will, Thank you.

Sam, Loved it! This is a must read. Your characters are so real. Truth be told I read in in an evening and an early morning. I could not put it down. The pain and pleasure the reader experiences leaves one tingling. Your story is wonderful and the love scenes are most enjoyable. It puts you there I must say, it may also give ideas to some. You gave Erik and Catherine souls, I see that...Erik and Catherine are my heroes. You give the reader hope that one might just find that one true love. And most of all [surprise, omitted]. Thank you for writing it, and thank you for letting us in. Cheers and love

MY GUEST BOOK: Samantha, First I want to say thank you for writing this book. I could not put it down once I started to read it. Your main Characters, Erik and Catherine are so wonderful. This book puts you there. It starts to have a life of its own...

6) ON MYSPACE - January 28, 2009: Sam, Loved it! This is a must read. Your story is wonderful and the love scenes are most exciting! Erik and Catherine were so REAL! at least I was left wanting them to be REAL! Which, as you know is the perfect sign to an awesome novel! I hope this is your life is some sweet way! "live happily ever after". :o) Thank you so much for sharing with us! GREAT JOB! Loves & Peace

7) ON AMAZON.COM: 5 Stars - Very Nice and Fresh - February 6, 2009: I'm not a fan of Phantom, but I'm familiar with the play and the musical. I got this book because it sounded interesting. "Opera Erotic"? So I took a chance. Overall the book is very good. I think it really is like an opera. Also getting to know Erik better puts a different perspective on Phantom. It almost makes me want to go see it again. I also like the romance and love in this book. It's very playful and fun. Something that is often missing from erotic novels.

This book is really good. It's so different from other romance novels. I like how playful and loving the couple act. They seem like they can do anything as long as they stick together.I highly recommend it!

8) ON BARNESANDNOBLE.COM: 5 Stars - Wonderful - February 6, 2009: Life after Phantom is a wonderful book. It is sensual, romantic, touching and you cannot put it down. You really feel like you are in the story with the characters. I really recommend that everyone read this book ..It is definantly 5 stars

9) ON MYSPACE: I have read Life After Phantom and it was amazing. It was sensual, romantic, sad and I really felt the characters it was like I was right there..Sam you should be very proud I have already told my family and friends about the book and they will also leave a review..Huggs

MY GUEST BOOK: This book was so wonderful and sensual and makes you want to believe in love. The story is so beautiful..Everyone needs to read this book. Congrats Sam. Luv ya

10) MY GUEST BOOK: Hi Sam, You are a great friend and I just adore your book. :)

11) ON AMAZON.COM: 5 Stars - A human touch to Phantom's Life - February 18, 2009: Hi Folks, I read this book over a month ago and I'm just getting to the review now! Sorry it took me so long, Sam! This book is EXCELLENT! It's a fast read, sentences flow easily and it's easy to paint the story in the mind while reading along. I am a big fan of Phantom, so I was really anticipating the release of this book (for about a year). It does not disappoint! In fact, the story about Erik's life "after" Phantom is very warm, romantic, touching and exciting! In the story, we see him as a real man, with real human qualities- such as love, passion, insecurity, and anger. In the original "Phantom of the Opera," we know nothing of this side of Erik.

The story captivated and held my interest during the entire time I was reading it. The love and passion Erik and Catherine share for one another is strong and undying.... The love scenes are playful, intimate and sexy. The one thing I did not like was that I finished reading the book! I wanted it to go on and on. I felt as though I didn't want it to end, that I wanted to continue reading about the lives of Erik and Catherine... to stay with them during their lives and know more about what they were going to live. I was sad to finish the book, but happy to hear there would be a sequel. So, I am waiting again, until Sam has the next book published! Until then, I will be waiting. I think I will even pick up the book again to read over again before I read the next one. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good book about love and romance, and especially for those who hold Phantom close to their heart!

Congratulations Sam! I am sooo happy that I read the book, I LOVED it! I can't WAIT for the next one! All my best and I wish you TONS OF SUCCESS!!!!

12) ON GOODREADS.COM: 5 Stars - June 28, 2009: I like the story you have created around Erik. He still has his bits of darkness in him but you gave the character what he has craved for all his life: love. Catherine is a charming and strong character, perfect for our favorite Phantom. Good work, I hope to read more stories from you in the future! :O)

This story is perfect for curious Phantom Phans who think Erik is better off without Christine. I always enjoy a story that has the ability of making me dream and Samantha made me dream about the Erik she has developed. Congrats! :)

13) ON MYSPACE: Wow I just got the book today. It is soooooo Good. I cant put it down...Oh my God I just cried when Erik [surprise, omitted]. I am so into this book...I so Love this Book. Wow

[More] Oh Dear Sam...I just finished your book yesterday. I so enjoyed it very much. Well now I am waiting on the other story to be told. You’re such a brat leaving my mind wondering. But that is good. Thanks again now I must wait patiently for your next book Thanks so much...

ON BARNESANDNOBLE.COM: 5 Stars - Awesome book - March 2, 2009: I so Loved this book, when I purchased it I was so excited as I started reading the book I got so into it. Sam is a Blessed writer. It took me 4 days to read this book. I laughed and cried. This book is so awesome, Sam after reading this book my husband and I are back in love again. It has changed my ways and now I have some sparkle back into my life. thank you for everything.

I give this book a thumps up 5 stars. I found it so difficult to put down. Its filled with Romance and it's thrilling. I was so touched that it even brought back my love life to sparkle up again. I highly recommend this book. Now I am waiting patiently for her next one.

14) ON MYSPACE: OMG OMG OMG SAMMY your book is extremely I can not put it down. You wont believe it Sammy............ Yesterday I read your book for three hours continuously........My god !!! It's just amazing I loved the way Erik [surprise, omitted]... is so wonderful..........I believe so much in those things, You know pretty well that ;))) I’m so in love of your book.......I read more than 150 pages I can not put it down. I love the way they love each other. I love Madame Giry. She is awesome. It is always a pleasure to read your book. I love it and love it and Erik ;)) I wish I was Catherine but only with Erik hehe.

15) ON THE INTERNET: 5 Stars - I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. The tale began slow enough and quickly picked up speed. With twists and turns to keep even those most easily distracted riveted to the page, I found myself caring more and more for Catherine and Erik as the story progressed. That is how I gauge if I enjoy a book or movie. Without getting into the nuts & bolts of the story, and for concern of spoiling any plot lines. Go get the book, sit down, read.. and decide for yourself.

It's just that simple. A brash, exciting read that will entertain and pique your interest at every turn. As a rule it takes me a lot to get myself lost in a book, and all too often I find myself stuck reading trivia and news of the day, but "Opera Erotica" grabbed me by my bungee cord and wouldn't let go. My sister Karen presently has the book and is currently reading it from front to back enthralled by a delicious plot line, and characters worthy of Dickens, Longfellow and Rowling. Author Samantha's writing prowess is unmistakable and so very charming, charismatic and alluring as to cause one to squirm and shake in their easy chair. And I must admit to dabbing my forehead and gasping in amazement at the scenes of unbridled passion and reckless abandon.

As soon as my sister surrenders possession of this fine tome, I'll be back reliving this epic tale again, hanging on to the seat of my Capris, and yelling out for more. Aux vainqueurs

My apologies, I neglected to give my 5 star rating to this epic tale of love, lust, deceit and resolution. It is my fervent hope that our distinguished writer will return to pen and paper and dazzle us once again with her imagination, wit and style. I await the day.

16) ON MYSPACE - March 2009: I enjoyed reading Life After Phantom so much. It has all of the elements that truly make this a heart-wrenching story! Romance, mystery, intrigue and erotic love scenes that make the reader feel the passion of true love. Thank you Samantha for writing this novel and sharing it with all of us. All the best to my friend....that Sam I am....."wink"

17) ON MYSPACE - March 2009: Life After Phantom is such a good novel, that it would make Barnabas Collins "rise" from his coffin..."wink"

18) ON MYSPACE: After I finished her book I can say that is one of the best fiction novels I’d ever read. I’m a reader in both languages, Spanish and English.

I’m so alike to Catherine I love her. Her powers. I’m afraid of my powers, but this book changed my thoughts about my powers. Catherine is so precious and so encourage to her husband how she helped Erik to believe in him and believe in God. I’m a believer too but my fears did not allowed me to develop my gifts. The book was sent to me from above through Samantha to believe in my gifts and developing them.

I loved the book so much and I miss not reading it. The book hooked me!!!! and I want an Erik now I’m a believer in the true love.

Thank you Samantha to let me read your book. It’s a treasure to have it. Madame Giry. How I loved her. With all my love, XOXOXO.

19) ON AMAZON: 5 Stars - Hypnotizing, mesmerizing! May 1, 2009: I absolutely loved this book. Our author "Samantha" knows how to take us on an enchanted journey, while lifting our spirits to the highest heights. Continuing on finds our our hero and damsel in distress as they wind their way through love, lust, adversity and serenity. I choose not to give any parts of the plot away, suffice it to say you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat, doing your level best to put the book down. I say just surrender to the book's rollercoaster ride and strap yourself in, it's gonna get bumpy.

My hat's off to the author for keeping the plot line interesting, and so very captivating. This book must be phenomenal. I've purchased two copies so far, and will be purchasing another for my daughter's birthday. If you read no other books this year, do yourself a solid and have a sit down with this fine and fabulous book. I can't say enough good things about it. All the positive remarks you've read here in the review section are true. Join Catherine and Erik as they take you on an incredible adventure through their love and lives and all it has to offer. You won't be sorry! "Life After Phantom" also makes a wonderful gift and after the Christmas season is rapidly approaching.

20) ON AMAZON.COM: 5 Stars - Love it! December 27, 2008: This is a book that you just can't put down. It leaves you wanting more. I read it in an evening and early morning and I am a fast reader. But I couldn't stop reading it, and I plan on reading it again. Samantha gives the characters souls. Erik and Catherine become more human as the story unfolds. The love they share one could only yern to have. The love scenes "put you there". This is a must read for anyone who loves TRUE LOVE. Thank you Samantha for writing it and giving us all a chance to read it.

21) ON MYSPACE: Loved the book!!!!!!! Good work.

22) ON WEREAD.COM: 5 Stars - A must read! Sam is an awesome writer!

23) ON MYSPACE: I read your book and it's excellent.

24) ON AMAZON & MYSPACE: 5 Stars - Very Nice and Fresh - June 14, 2009: Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick review of an amazing and bewildering book! 'Life After Phantom: Opera Erotica'.....By Samantha."Oh my stars!" Where do you begin?

This is a must to add to your want to reads for this summer! This would be a great book to read while laying on the beach, in your back yard tanning or just anywhere.

This story was bewitching and held my interest throughout the entire time I was reading it. The erotic love and passion that Erik and Catherine partake for one another is whole and everlasting....The love scenes are mischievous, very intimate and aphrodisiacal (sexy). LOL  :)

Catherine has an enchanting and strong Persona. And what can you not say about Erik! He is a HOTTIE....   :)  While elevating your spirits to the highest heights. And Continuing on, finds our our hero and damoiselle in distress as they weave their way through erotic love, hunger, sensationalism and tranquility. You get it all in this book!

I just could not put it down! I was so very sad when I had finished the book, I wanted to stay in their world a little longer, but felicitous when I heard there would be a sequel, and I just can't wait! Hurry Sam!  :) 

So Please check it out, it is an one awesome read, you don't want to miss out on this one. Samantha is also a very good friend of mine. She is just a fabulous person and her writing is so eloquent. I love Sam! :) So please check this one out! I guarantee You will not be disappointed. 

25) ON MYSPACE - June 2009: Thank you for having written this marvelous novel - I read it twice and love it! 

ON AMAZON.DE - 5 Stars (English Version) - June 2009: Twenty years ago I saw the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” for the first time and was in tears when I left the theatre. This story did not release me henceforth. Fourteen times I saw the musical since then - probably somehow always hoping a little that the end might be different and Erik would not be left lonely and broken...

I was so surprised when I discovered, coincidentally, on “Myspace” that there is now a continuation of this tragic story! A little fearful - I wondered, would the continuation of the story please me at all, should I really read it? - And full of hope: Could it be possible that everything, as by a miracle, took a good end? My curiosity and the desire for a happy ending for the Phantom triumphed and I ordered “Life After Phantom”! I was not disappointed, my expectations were exceeded by far.

Samantha manages to breathe life into Erik, and represents him as the man whom we always assumed he was…; o) Christine is rather degraded to a marginal figure - and has earned nothing better. She fades completely beside the new woman in Eriks life who shows him with her selfless love that life is worth living. Old acquaintances, like Madame Giry, must not be missed. At last her warmth and never ending loyalty to Erik are appreciated.

Where other love stories stop before the bedroom door, this story is told very passionately and detailed. Erik is an attractive man and no monster.

I do not want to anticipate too much, but it tingles a lot between the book pages. Of course tension and dark sides do not miss out in this novel. So Erik and his Catherine must pass some examinations and fight against the shadows of their past, before they finally can enjoy their love - Old adversaries emerge, who are after Erik's life and freedom…It remains exciting up to the last page and everyone who loves “Phantom of the Opera” as much as I do, should not miss “Life After Phantom”!

Oh - and please have your handkerchiefs ready!

ON AMAZON.DE - 5 Stars (Original German Version): Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen - Seit ich vor zwanzig Jahren zum erstenmal in dem Musical "The Phantom of the Opera" war und das Theater in Tränen aufgelöst wieder verlassen habe, lässt mich diese Geschichte nicht mehr los.

Vierzehn Mal war ich seither in dem Musical - wohl irgendwie immer ein wenig in der Hoffnung, das Ende möge diesmal anders sein und Erik würde wenigstens einmal nicht einsam und gebrochen zurück bleiben...

Wie überrascht war ich daher, als ich zufällig bei "Myspace" entdeckte, dass es nun eine Fortsetzung dieser tragischen Geschichte gibt!

Ein wenig ängstlich - würde mir der Fortgang der Story überhaupt gefallen, sollte ich das wirklich lesen? - und voller Hoffnung:
Wäre es möglich, dass alles doch, wie durch ein Wunder, ein gutes Ende nimmt?

Meine Neugier und der Wunsch nach einem Happy-End für das Phantom siegte und ich bestellte "Life after Phantom"!
Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht, meine Erwartungen wurden bei weitem übertroffen.

Samantha schafft es, Erik Leben einzuhauchen, ihn als den Mann darzustellen, den wir immer schon in ihm vermutet haben...;o) Die eher zur Randfigur degradierte Christine - nichts Besseres hat sie verdient - verblasst völlig neben der neuen Frau, die nun in Eriks Leben tritt und ihm mit ihrer selbstlosen Liebe zeigt, wie lebenswert
dieses sein kann.

Alte Bekannte wie Madame Giry dürfen natürlich nicht fehlen, auch sie wird hier endlich mal in ihrer Warmherzigkeit und nie endenden
Loyalität zu Erik gewürdigt.

Wo andere Liebesgeschichten vor der Schlafzimmertür aufhören, geht es in diesem Buch sehr leidenschaftlich und detailliert zur Sache, immerhin ist Erik ein attraktiver Mann und kein Monster...Ich will jetzt nicht zu viel vorweg nehmen, aber es prickelt ganz schön zwischen den Buchseiten.

Auch Spannung und dunkle Seiten kommen natürlich nicht zu kurz. So müssen Erik und seine Catherine einige Prüfungen bestehen und gegen die Schatten ihrer beider Vergangenheiten ankämpfen, bevor sie endlich ihre Liebe zusammen genießen dürfen - doch halt, zum Schluss tauchen noch alte Widersacher auf, die nach Eriks Leben und Freiheit trachten...Es bleibt spannend bis zur letzten Seite und wer "Das Phantom der Oper" genauso liebt wie ich, der sollte sich "Life after Phantom" auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen! Oh - und bitte unbedingt Taschentücher bereithalten!

26) ON BARNESANDNOBLE.COM: 5 Stars - WOW!! - June 28, 2009: WOW! WOW! WOW!  This book is really good, I love it!! I got it two days ago and just finished it and have recommended it to all my friends..Samantha is a great storyteller..There is suspense, romance, and laughs...I can't wait for the next book from Samantha. On a scale of 1-5 I give it a 6!!!!

ON MYSPACE: SAM!!!! Just read the book....Awesome!! Tell me you are writing another one please!! I really loved the book. I can sit here all day and night and compare your books to all the best sellers that are on my book shelf right now and I can tell you yours is by far my favorite. Of course I am a bookworm and I love to read. As far as the romance and the sex put Rachel Gibson and Carly Phillips to shame and that's no joke.

27) MY GUEST BOOK - July 2009:Got the book love it, love romance novels...

ON AMAZON.COM: 5 Stars - July 13, 2009: This was the best book I have ever read, omg could not put down. All women should read this romance, it...

MYSPACE: Hey Sam, I loved your book. I am from Waco Texas. Everyone should read this book. It is so good, OMG it is great........I bought the book at Barnes & Noble book store. My interest throughout the entire time I was reading it. God bless

28) MYSPACE - July 25, 2009:  After I bought my book, which took me a bit because I had been in the hospital for 5 months, my mom took me to Barnes and Nobles, because that is my favorite book store. After looking around a bit, I asked a sales person to help us, and it wasn't out on the shelf yet, but they had the book, so my mom bought a copy for her and one for me.

I was tired after our outing and decided to go to my room and read. Since my husband had been without me some when I was in the hospital, he wanted to come with me. After a while he would see me cry, and then I would do what he calls, happy feet, which means I was at a good part. Then I would be crying, so my husband got curious as to what kind of book was making me react like that, so he wanted me to read it out loud. He liked it so much, he wanted me to start from the beginning. The next night we began again, and I cried even more, and I saw a tear or two from his eyes also. We finished the book the second night, and we hated that it ended, but I know Sam will thrill us with another one. I would love a movie. I think it would be wonderful, especially at the theater, but if not, my living room will be wonderful, especially with the children gone for the evening. C...*wink*

MORE ON MYSPACE:  I now have your book and it is fabulous, I can't wait for the motion picture and second book. I can't imagine the motion picture being as good as the book, but I have a feeling if you are involved it will be. You did a wonderful job of writing this book, and I am so glad I finally got to read it. You are a very talented writer, and I am very proud of you.

It took me 2 days to read mine. I couldn't believe I cried reading that book. I have never cried reading a book. If they make a movie out of it, and I believe they will, because word of mouth does more than anything.

I am so proud you did this project, so are thousands of women. We love to escape into romance books, but after a while they get old, and you have cured that problem for me.

My mom is wanting to know when the sequel is coming out, and that I couldn't tell her, but she really loved the first one. She has girls in her office reading your book. One thing I love about my mom is if she really loves a book, she won't let it leave her house.

I am so happy for you and a job well done. I will keep it with me for a very long time. Thank you so much for writing the book. I love it and will buy the next one:)

29) ON MYSPACE - August 24, 2009: I've read the book three times and love it!!!!!!

30) ON TWITTER - August 26, 2009: Yes, I enjoyed it very much. Managed to be sweet and romantic as well as erotic, a hard thing to balance.

31) AMAZON.CO. UK: 4 Stars - Attractive story - *SPOILERS* July 26, 2009: After reading what if stories of The Phantom Of The Opera, I came across this book with surprise that it was a erotic verison of the infamous tale. Like Colette Gale's take, this one starts with a sort of progule of what happened during the Phantom's hold on Christine. Then it begins the story with he hiding in a graveyard to find a beautiful woman mourning her dead lover which he becomes intriged by her beauty. When he finds her badly beaten and nearly raped by a gang of brutes, he helps her mend while fighting his affections for this woman. He learns her name, Catherine, and she also falls for the masked Phantom but wants to keep her vow of her virginaty. But will their feelings overcome themselves? Will Catherine fight back her haunting past that was filled with violence and dispair? It's truely a attractive story, Samantha describes the Phantom from the 2004 version played by Gerard Butler and within reading you suddenly can see what she means. Catherine is a strong and new heroine, her feelings for the Phantom is bittersweet and you root for her for actually telling him the real truth. At the moment, I'm still reading it but it's a highly recommended book if you love the Phantom's what if stories and a erotic romance written beautifully by a newcomer.

32) ON TWITTER - October 3, 2009 Just finished reading "Life After Phantom" by @SamnthasPhantom Wow... I couldn't put it down. When I'm more awake, I'll post a full review!

ON BARNESANDNOBLE.COM: 4 Stars - Couldn't put it down - October 4, 2009: I picked up this book after reading a few reviews online. I was a little hestitant at first, because I've read some pretty bad "Phantom" books in the past. But I'm glad I made this purchase. "Life After Phantom" plays out very beautifully. It flows nicely, and fits very well into the classic "Phantom" story. The characters are written very well, and are full, well rounded characters. The backdrops of the story are beautifully described and it was very easy for this reader to imagaine myself in those surroundings, and fully immerse myself into the story. I couldn't put it down, and had it finished just a few days after buying it. It will definately be joining my permanent collection, along with Susan Kay's "Phantom", and Nancy Hill Pettingill's "Journey of the Mask".

33) BARNESANDNOBLE.COM: 5 Stars - I loved Life After Phantom - October 6, 2009: This is a great book, I loved every chapter, and the characters were great! This is one book you will read more than once! I look forward to more books from this Author. I think she's brilliant and writes amazing novels. 

34) MY GUEST BOOK: January 19, 2010 - I LOVED your book! It was such a beautiful, touching, SEXY look at love, and it truly makes you say, "It's about time Phantom find's hppiness!" You rock! Looking forward to your next, lovely story! :)

35) MY GUEST BOOK: 5 Stars - March 18, 2010 - I really enjoyed reading your beautiful love story. Its a tragic love story with ups and downs but yet teaches us that any life story can have a happy ending if we open our hearts to find a true love. I highly recommend this book and encourage everyone to read it. Sereen Curtis

36) GBGALS.COM - July 10, 2010 I absolutely ADORED your Opera Erotica book.

37) TWITTER.COM & MY GUEST BOOK: July 29, 2010 - I wrote in my twitter account: - “I finally returned and finished reading "Life After Phantom" by @SamnthasPhantom a great novel... will write a review soon...”

That “soon” has arrived… What can I say that has not been said? When I first heard about this novel I was not willing to read something that separated Erik and his “true love” Christine, but after a little discussion with Samantha about “true love” I opened up my mind to something new and started reading her novel… and I can tell you I was very pleased with what I found, in fact I was so into it I could not wait to know what happened next…Catherine is great and I loved the fact that she makes Erik a believer, and she loves him and from that love appears again in Erik’s condemned life.

As it has some erotic/sensual parts it may be considered as an adult novel, but actually I believe that if you are mature and focused you will also enjoy it very much, as I did.

So if you are open up to read a very different ending for the Phantom’s story, as I did, I am sure you will have a great time reading it. Samantha is a great writer, as you read her you feel the characters’ desires, thoughts you will definitely be PHascinated…

38) EMAIL: September 20, 2010 - I just finished your book – and I wanted to let you know that it is absolutely amazing!!  I loved it!!

39) GUEST BOOK: 10 Stars - July 17, 2012 i must say bravo this is the best phantom continuation ive ever read great detail i loved the pictures in the book i loved every bit of it i have now read it 5 times its a lovely addition to the phantoms good name it i loved how long it was i adored it thanks for making this great novel i give you a ten star reveiw :)

40) FACEBOOK: February 27, 2017 Phan Tomlover Do you believe in ghosts and sex magic? You will after reading "Life After Phantom: Opera Erotica"! I've read many a novel in my time and this one is genuinely riveting. You won't be able to put it down! It's raw, interesting, timely, well-thought out, and expertly written. You'll be pulled into every high and low the characters are experiencing. Most importantly it's very believable! Perhaps the author has put some of herself into her novel? The love scenes--erotically explicit while not pornographic, are--shall we say--"extremely stimulating"? A marriage could be saved by following these pages! So, relax, pour yourself a nightcap (or some herbal tea) and snuggle down between the sheets for a soothing "bedtime story" that will curl your toes...and raise goosebumps in more ways than one!

41) FACEBOOK: March 1, 2017 Marie-louise Wild-Jones I already own this book and love it, ive read it more time than i can remember, my addiction is so bad that i'm starting to know it off by heart but in all honesty if you want a good book you cant put down buy this one, you've all got to read it i swear this book will melt your heart it did mine, thank you for writing this book Samantha, i have a huge collection of phantom books but yours is one of my favourites thank you again x

Marie-louise Wild-Jones Right i am a well read phantom lover, i own over 75 different books and read them all, quite a few many times, so i will give you the best review i can without giving the story away especially as the story behind the characters is one of the best parts anyway "Life after Phantom" has won my heart the story line is heart felt, deeply romantic, honestly and the best bit believable so many phantom books i find portrait erik to be some sort of super hero (im afraid i don't like that i love the vulnerable side to erik and i like to be able to identify with the characters which samantha has down to perfection) i like the fact with this book you explore each character in detail and each one has there own personality (which sadly you dont find in alot of phantom books) we all want erik to have the happy ending but we all want it to be believable. Now being honest with you i picked up this book as soon as i got it through the post and read the whole book in 9 and half hours, i admit i couldn't put the book down i loved every twist, every high and low and every erotic scene had me on the edge of my seat it makes for brilliant bedtime or even just abit of me time reading, i swear you you'll fall in love with the story and the characters will come to live and jumped off the page, seriously when you buy this book you will fall in love, mean to say i dont mind admitting to anyone that i have read the book so many times now that i know it by heart and its the first phantom book i'd recommend to any phantom lover so please consider this me giving you my honest opinion buy this book, read it for yourself and i will swear you will love it. Xx

42) FACEBOOK: March 25, 2017 Lisa Gomez - Samantha I LOVE IT!! You GET HIM!!!!! The scenes where he was talking about his past made me cry...... the way you described the pain & turmoil inside him..... I could FEEL it..... And my heart was left 💔💔💔💔
His relationship with Catherine is like the one I fantasize having with him MYSELF! The love scenes are erotic and sexy and tastefully done...... things I would love to do myself..... SHOWER him with love and acceptance and affection and sex to make for all of the pain he has been forced to endure. Cant wait for the updated version which I will get for my kindle! FIVE STARS


                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~REVISED EDITION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

43) AMAZON: 5 Stars, A True Winner! - May 11, 2017 by LSM (Kindle Edition):  "Life After Phantom, Opera Erotica" is--in a word--wonderful. It's the kind of book you can't put down, and one which, once read, you'll read over and over again while curled under a blanket in your favorite chair, sipping a cup of hot chocolate. It's comforting. It's fulfilling. It's heartening and uplifting, not to mention just plain sexy as hell! But in a classy, respectful way; never trashy or demeaning. I've read them both, the original from a decade ago, and now this revised edition. I have to say, while both are riveting tales of love, adventure, and spell-binding intrigue, you have to get this "new and improved" version! This second edition has more beautiful, more meaningful graphics, and deeper explanations of the clairvoyance and motivations of both Catherine and Erik. Is it a true story? Did the murders and violations of Catherine's body and mind actually occur? You be the judge. Read it and dig deeply into the psyches of the heroine and hero, and you too may become a believer. ENJOY! "Life After Phantom, Opera Erotica" is a true winner.

44) AMAZON: 5 Stars - May 30, 2017 by Curtis (Trade Paperback): WOW I am a big fan of Phantom of Opera and this book will make your imagination go wild, with lots of suspense and lovemaking.

45)  5 Stars, Wow just wow by marie brown - 22 August 2017 (Trade Paperback)
If you've read the first version you'll love the revised version even more ... Samantha has re-written this version in perfect detail with new scenes that are amazing also with some really steamy scenes that spice up the book, its really brought the book to life as it takes you on an amazing journey of love, trust and understanding.
I personally belong to a phantom book club and read many different version of the phantom books ... i'll agree with most comments some good, some bad but in this case i can guarantee this is a excellent book written by an excellent author whom understands the truth and tragedy of true love and it will make you want to read "Life after Phantom" again and again.

My group of ladies and i have personally given this book 5 stars due to the details involved and the warm glowing feeling we had after reading it, it well worth the price paid. Samantha brings all her character's to life and the detail is so real you feel like your trying to fight the Eriks corner to protect Catherine.


I have read this book 6 times since i brought it and know I'll read it many more times to come as everytime i read it find something new about the story that makes me fall in love all over again. So if you want the Erik to finally have his happy ending then this is the book for you. Also if you notice in my review i haven't given the details away as the book can speak for itself, i would like you to fall into the world of characters that you will love and a story love and tragedy you will never want to end. I was once told if you can not put a book down you'll know its worth in words and trust me its worth in words is as much as its weight in gold.

So basically what im trying to say is buy yourself a copy make yourself a drink, grab something to eat and dive in to another world you wont be disappointed i assure you.

46) GOODREADS: 5 Stars - January 23, 2018 by Kelsey B - A beautiful, fun, sexy take on the beloved characters of the Phantom of the Opera. If you enjoy letting your imagination run wild with this story, you’ll love the writing and finesse of this particular book. It was so fun to read. Highly recommended.

47) AMAZON: 5 Stars - A different Phantom tale - January 12, 2018 by Kayla: Samantha’s Phantom tale is different from any other you’ll ever read. Not only does it include the infamous masked Phantom, but it also has hints of the supernatural, mob affiliations, and even faith interwoven throughout it. There’s plenty of romance, and it’s written in a format that’s easily digestible. Phans of books with photos will delight at the photos of the hero and heroine of this story set against stunning backdrops. If you’re looking for a happier Phantom, this is the book to turn to.

48) GOODREADS: 5 Stars - January 17, 2018 by Georgette Mason: I literally could not put this book down. YES! It was that riveting. The sexual innuendo, the intrigue, the romance. All accompanied by killer graphics. Grrowl, that Erik model is HANDSOME! When you start this book, grab a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket and tuck into a fantasy made in heaven. Just imagine the swirling interactions between the beautiful and clever Catherine and the dashingly handsome Erik who rescues Catherine from a horrible fate, not once, but twice! This novel has it all: wildly passionate (yet wholesome) sex, ghostly assistance, deadly mob pursuit, and true love, all wrapped up in a "happily ever after". You will read "Life After Phantom: Opera Erotica" by Samantha, time and time again, and never be disappointed in the thrills. Ladies, if you want to be swept away by a knight in shining mask, this is your novel. Gents! If you need a little insight into ways to please your lady, this is your guide! Both genders, to stimulate your marriage, set your bed on fire with this BLUSHINGLY good read. Six stars! Seven! I only wish there were more stars to give it.

49) AMAZON: 5 Stars - March 22, 2018 by TestChandan (Kindle Edition): Nice book

50) COMMENT ON THIS WEBSITE - September 7, 2018: Review from Gae Webster 9/7/18: Life after the Phantom was a very exciting novel ! Enjoyed all the suspense and appreciate how tastefully the Author was able to describe all the Erotica involved in this Amazing Love Story!! I did not want this story to end, MORE MORE MORE SAMANTHA

51) GOODREADS: 5 Stars - September 12, 2018 by Casey Calhoun: Very well written and tasteful. Don't let the "erotica" title fool you, it's an emotional rollercoaster full of twists and turns. Loved going on this adventure and can't wait for the sequel! I love that the goodness in Erik is focused on more than the bad, and some long wondered questions are amazing and realistic answers! 💙

52) Booksprouts: 5 Stars - Sep 14, 2018 by (Private): Brilliant


53) AMAZON: 5 Stars - September 27, 2018 by Kindle Customer: This was such a great read. It is different from others in that it delves into Madame Geary's saving of Erick and goes on past all his horrible experiences until he falls in love. If you do not like detailed love scenes, just skip those parts, but please read this book it made me cry at times. All phantom lovers will love this book. It's not just a regurgitation of other books and it holds your interest.

54) BOOKSPROUT.CO: 5 Stars - awesome - October 2018 by FMF: Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you and your book and I could not put it down for anything.

55) GOODREADS: 5 Stars - Phantom - October 21, 2018 by Tanyawriter: A wonderful story telling us about what really happens after the phantom of the opera. This goes further into the story of the two main character and the issues they each have. Can they overcome them all? Follow them and see what will happen next.

56) AMAZON/GOODREADS: 4 Stars - October 29, 2018 by Karen - This book is a compelling romantic story, it is interesting with suspense. Characters are strong and intriguing. It is well written. I appreciate reading the book.

57) COMMENT ON MY FACEBOOK: December 5 & 19, 2018 - Mary McQuilling: I just finished "Life After Phantom" and I loved it!!! For anyone who is a fan of the Phantom of Opera and hated how it ended for Eric (the phantom), get this book!! I couldn't put it down and I love how she gave Eric (the phantom) his happy ever after!!! Read her book!! I couldn't put it down!! **No she didn't ask me to write this for her**

58) AMAZON.COM & GOODREADS.COM: 5 Stars - Loved it - January 8, 2019 - Danielle Frisinger (Kindle Edition): I have never read a book from this Genre before, but I loved it. Samantha really captures the characters and made you feel the emotions that they felt. I highly recommend this story.

59) GOODREADS: 5 Stars -Feb 18, 2019 - Debbie Krouse: This book has it all the romance, sexual innuendos, will they make it together? Handsome Erik rescues Catherine twice from a very bad fate. Not going to give lots od details you just need to grab your favorite blanket,something to drink and enjoy this story of these characters and where they take you.

60) AMAZON.COM (Canada): 4 Stars - Very charming and enjoyable! - June 28, 2020 by PhantomFemme: Very charming and enjoyable. Lots of warm fuzzies! And lots of very hot, steamy moments, too. Which were definitely delightful! A bit long and rambling plot-wise, but not to the point where it lost me. And it does have Erik get over Christine and end up with someone else, so heads-up if that's not your thing. Also, the writing can be a bit simplistic. But, over all, definitely good if you're looking for something POTO-RELATED to read. P.S. Oh, and Erik's life in this book seems to be largely based on the Gerik. So if you're a stage-version or Leroux purist, this might not be your thing either.

 I have never read a book from this Genre before, but I loved it. Samantha really captures the characters and made you feel the emotions that they felt. I highly recommend this story.

                               Thank you all so much for your interest and support! *winks & hugs*

Life After Phantom: Opera Erotica

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© 2008 Samantha

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