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Danny the Ghost

SECRETS REVEALED: Many secrets in my Life After Phantom series are revealed in
My Ghostly Lover
A True Story

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Life After Phantom

Opera Erotica

An incredible love story about the Phantom of the Opera!


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First of the 2-Part Series

Life After Phantom Opera Erotica BOOK CO

Life After Phantom will take you on a riveting journey that is Opera Erotica at its finest…with luscious love scenes that are detailed and explicit, sensual and mouthwatering, as tantalizing as an aphrodisiac…but don’t be fooled. This story is much more than that!

The character originally created by Gaston Leroux in The Phantom of the Opera comes to life like never before. Discover the real man behind the mask, whose tormented and shattered mind nearly drives him to the point of suicide after the most dreadful night of his life.

Discover the terrifying, shocking, and unbelievable secrets of mysterious Catherine, whose past and present are as tragic as Erik’s, but for different reasons. Their meeting is fated, but what does the future hold for them?

In this rendition of Erik’s life after Phantom, two tormented souls come together under extremely dire circumstances. The events that happen before, during, and after their meeting will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and suspense: betrayal, heartache, and grief…the illegal world of mobsters…passion, love, and intimacy…danger, revenge, and murder…a psychic medium, the paranormal, and ghosts!

Leroux claimed that Erik’s character was based on fact. In this novel, let your mind imagine that Catherine’s is too…if you dare!

Includes 23 images. For Adult Readers.

The Sequel & Finale

The Phantom & The Witch's Curse.jpg

The sequel and finale to Life After Phantom: Opera Erotica has finally arrived! The Phantom & The Witch's Curse will take you on a riveting journey like no other. The tantalizing love scenes will make you sizzle, but don't be fooled. This unique story is much more than erotica!

Erik Durand, formerly the Phantom of the Opera, has lived peacefully for many years with his wife, Catherine, raising their four children. Trouble begins when she is haunted by recurring nightmares. As a clairvoyant, Catherine knows the dreams are a premonition, a warning of impending doom that looms on the horizon, but she cannot imagine what horrors lie ahead.

The Witch’s Curse is coming, and it’s terrifying! Will this be the end of Erik and Catherine's incredible love story? Will their happiness be stolen away when her three deranged siblings lay a trap for her? The couple has great faith in God, but they are pushed to the edge of destruction. A family priest uncovers the shocking secrets of the witch. Who will survive the battle between good and evil?

Erik is forced to return to his lair. Madame Giry becomes entangled in his tragedies. His identity as the Phantom is discovered by an obsessed Inspector seeking revenge! What happens when Gaston Leroux's published series on The Phantom of the Opera exposes Erik? Will his life above ground be destroyed? Will his children discover the truth about his past?

Continue the journey with Erik and Catherine where
Life After Phantom left off. Follow their exhilarating and terrifying adventures through the second half of their lives all the way into the Afterlife. They encounter mobsters, witches, a succubus...a deadly disease, fairies, the Angel of Death...kidnappers, a ghost, and much more.

The ride is frightening, erotic, heartbreaking, and thrilling, so hold onto your seats! Not for the prudish or faint-hearted. For Adult readers.

Includes 53 Images. For Adult Readers.

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